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Be a part of something N E W.

Be a part of a revival.

Be a part of AWAKENING.

Have you ever woken up in the middle of the night with a relentless inspiration in your head--thoughts running through your mind that just won't let you sleep? Have you ever received something in prayer- a theme in your life or a call to action that burns like fire in your heart?

This is how this project started. It started with...

A w a k e n i n G

About 3 years ago, with the help of people like yourself, my first EP: Be Glorified was fully funded! It included 6 original songs. (seriously, a dream come true!) (Click here to listen for free!)

Finally, a few years later, after trials, triumphs, praying and creating, I took on another project with newly inspired songs and a desire to craft an album.

The Story of Awakening

This album is born out of a period of personal drought...both musically and spiritually. For a long time, music and singing was my identity both growing up and in college, but in fall of 2015 after a long summer of singing at the Steubenville Conferences, I found out that I had Vocal Nodules. For those of you who don't know what these are- they are essentially calluses on your vocal chords that make it very hard to sing and, a majority of the time, are very painful. This was right after I had put out my first EP "Be Glorified" that summer. I was devastated. At this point, I thought it was clear... 

No More Music.

I tried to push through that next summer of conferences, despite my vocal problems, but I felt like it was just getting worse. I thought this was God's way of telling me to focus my time on other things; To do music on the side, but not make it a priority. That's what I did. 

After that summer of 2016, I rested my voice for about 3 full weeks- NO TALKING- (insanely hard, for me). I went to vocal rehab (yes, that's really a thing), and didn't put much time into writing or singing for about a year after. I was so lost and hurt because I felt useless. I wasn't able to sing or use my gifts the way I wanted. My identity had always been "the singer"- where was I supposed to go from here?

It wasn't until really this past year that I realized, after searching and praying, this time away from music was a gift from God because I learned two very important things:

1. My Identity is not in music. It comes foremost from the truth that I am a Daughter of God.

2. God wasn't pulling me away from music. He was showing me that I am loved beyond what I can "accomplish" for Him through music.

Jesus used this small cross to free me to love Him more intimately. To strip me of any pre-conceived notions that I am just a singer.

He awakened my heart to sing from a place a freedom: that I am first a Daughter of my Father in Heaven. 

Let this truth echo in your own heart: You are not your accomplishments, your failures, or your weakness- You are "the sum of the Father's love for you!"- JPII

The Holy Land

I slowly started to start singing again more and more. During this time, I was asked to lead worship for a pilgrimage in the Holy Land with Jeff Cavins. While I was there, God re-confirmed my identity in Him and did something amazing. It was there that I felt Him move... 

God was stirring in my heart again the desire to make music.

I felt my heart awaken- a fresh outpouring of the Holy Spirit calling me deeper and pushing me to trust even more.

New songs started pouring out of me while I was there and when I came home from the trip. One of the songs I just released called "You Heard My Name"- is a song I started to write while walking to Gethsemane-where Jesus entered into His passion. 

When I returned home from the pilgrimage, the song that has now become the theme of this EP Awakening just started pouring out of me. I woke up at 6 am (maybe because of the jet-lag, but I'm gonna call it a Holy Spirit moment) with an image in my mind and lyrics in my heart..."Awakening-I'm Awakening."

This was the beginning of a new journey for me. The Lord awakening my desire to create music- but more than that... 

To sing into the hearts of ALL His people. To use this music as a vessel to stir and move in hearts by the power of His Spirit.

Awakening in YOUR Heart

So often we get caught up in a rat-race of day to day living. Our hearts become stale and our relationship with God suffers because of it. That is why we all need this AWAKENING. The Lord wants to awaken YOUR faith. He wants to set every heart free: free to love, and free to embrace their identity as sons and daughters.

My hope and prayer through these songs is...

  • To send a fresh outpouring of the Holy Spirit on all who listen to this music

  • To light the fire of faith anew in every soul

  • To let the love of Christ wake our dead hearts to His resurrecting power

Will you help me make this a reality? Help me to stir an awakening!

God bless you,

Taylor Alexis Tripodi

“Awake, O sleeper, and arise from the dead, and Christ will shine on you.”- Ephesians 5:14