The voice is a powerful instrument.

I grew up as the oldest of nine in a small suburb of Cleveland, OH, and if I learned anything in my big family, it's that you have to speak up in order for your voice to be heard. That's exactly how I feel about our world. It's so noisy! There are so many "voices" that call for our attention, but the one voice that's never truly leaned the voice of God. 

God's voice is true, good, and beautiful...

and His voice is more real and more powerful than any voice we hear.

His voice speaks to us. It echoes through His Word, in the silence of our hearts, and in a very real way, through the voices of His people.

My voice is one of the gifts that I can truly never thank Him enough for. I long for Him to use it so deeply. I want Him to speak through my voice- to use my voice to bring Him glory and praise. I long to be a voice that inspires others to holiness, that brings healing to the broken, and conforms hearts even more deeply to His own.

I want to glorify His name through every act of my voice...

whether that be through singing, speaking, leading worship, writing, giving words of comfort, standing up for the most vulnerable, or making someone laugh. I want it more than I can say.

That is my mission. That is my goal. 

Will you join me with your voice?

Please pray for me as I journey to give His name honor and glory! Know that I pray for you as well- that you may be a voice of hope to all those around you.

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